acpi problem on dell latitude d830

Frank Staals frank at
Thu Dec 15 10:55:16 UTC 2011

Ouyang Xueyu <freebsd at> writes:

> Hello!
> I`ve just installed freebsd 8.2 i386 stable on a Dell Latitude D830.
> I`m using gnome 2 with HAL and DBUS successfully.
> My notebook is not able to go into sleeping mode, it doesn`t work when I use
> "acpiconf -s 3" or "acpiconf -s 4". Mode S3 gets it into sleep mode, but it
> freezes
> after wake-up with a distorted screen.
> In mode S4 (suspend-to-disk) it isn`t even able to
> get into sleeping mode. I want to initiate S4 state by closing the lid.

I have a Latitude D630, which is basically the smaller brother of the
D830. When it ran FreeBSD I had success in getting the D630 to sleep
(s3) and resume. This was a while ago on 8-STABLE with amd64. At least
back then, you would need an amd64 install to get this working
(something with acpi being better in amd64 then it was in i386). I am
not sure that is still the case, but I would not be surprised if it
is. However, before you run off and reinstall: (again back then) both
the bge and wpi driver (i.e. LAN and WLAN) did not work properly after
resuming. This basically made sleeping the laptop useless.

I'm not sure this is such good news, but I hope it is informative. If
you manage to get it working let me know.



- Frank

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