foo; no such thing as a "dual-nic" atom firewall

Arthur Chance freebsd at
Wed Nov 24 16:04:00 UTC 2010

On 11/24/10 01:43, Gary Kline wrote:
> Maybe someone on-list can help me; after 5+ hours of clicking and
> typing, I can't find an atom cpu computer with dual NICs.  I
> _thought_ I'd found a computer to replace to Kayak firewall
> [pfSense], but nada.
> Any wizards on this list have a clue?

I don't know if your requirement for an Atom CPU is absolute, or you're 
just looking for a low power solution, but if it's the latter and 
100Mb/s networking is fast enough, I use one of these

for my pfSense firewall. Three network interfaces so you have a DMZ, 
plus a hardware crypto accelerator for VPNs. Total power consumption 
measured at 5W. The alix2d2 is the 2 network port version.

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