foo; no such thing as a "dual-nic" atom firewall

Gary Kline kline at
Wed Nov 24 18:44:53 UTC 2010

On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 04:03:56PM +0000, Arthur Chance wrote:
> On 11/24/10 01:43, Gary Kline wrote:
> >Maybe someone on-list can help me; after 5+ hours of clicking and
> >typing, I can't find an atom cpu computer with dual NICs.  I
> >_thought_ I'd found a computer to replace to Kayak firewall
> >[pfSense], but nada.
> >
> >Any wizards on this list have a clue?
> I don't know if your requirement for an Atom CPU is absolute, or
> you're just looking for a low power solution, but if it's the latter
> and 100Mb/s networking is fast enough, I use one of these
> for my pfSense firewall. Three network interfaces so you have a DMZ,
> plus a hardware crypto accelerator for VPNs. Total power consumption
> measured at 5W. The alix2d2 is the 2 network port version.

	Thanks to everyone indeed.  The long-story-short is that just a 
	few months ago I thought I *had* found a low-power [Atom] box
	with a dual-NIC for around $300.  So I figured that since there
	was at least that one there might be others.  Late last night my 
	friend at the University figured that it wouldn't be that hard
	to build one from parts.  [[ Sure, if you've got two good hands
	and a several hours, etc.  .... ]]

	An Atom CPU is only the means to the end of finally having a low
	power config.  Right now I'm probably burning 100w using the
	Kayak and an '05 40G drive.  Any low-power box will work. 

	Appreciate the help!


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