JMicron JMB363 PCIe controler doesn't work

Ian Smith smithi at
Sun Nov 14 03:58:52 UTC 2010

On Sat, 13 Nov 2010, Rob Farmer wrote:
 > On Sat, Nov 13, 2010 at 17:39, Ian Smith <smithi at> wrote:
 > > Hey Woj, long time; yeah you picked a hell of time to re-surface.
 > >
 > > More likely nobody who knows would be bothered wasting their time wading
 > > through the present volume of bullshit infecting this once-useful list,
 > > which has been lately taken over by a gang of clueless vandals who want
 > > to use it as a Twitter replacement from their mobiles, shoving up middle
 > > fingers at those trying to restore some sanity.  I've about had enough.
 > There has always been crap on this list - that's the logical
 > conclusion of unmoderated discussion forums. Its cyclic and will
 > probably die down soon for a while. Filter your mail by thread,
 > killfile the worst offenders, or get a moderator who can bump the BS
 > over to chat at . In fact, you received excellent suggestions last time
 > you brought this up (complaining about Wojciech Puchar, interestingly
 > enough):
 > Writing more mail to complain about too much mail is self-defeating.
 > That's why I don't reply to stuff like the devil thread - it just
 > increases its longevity.

Yeah, point taken, and the irony of earlier exchanges with Woj wasn't 
lost on me either, but I'd forgotten how bad it got before I flipped!

The thing is - and was then, too - that this list is widely advertised 
(in the handbook, even the installed /etc/motd) as the primary contact 
point for new people with questions about FreeBSD, and as such can't be 
moderated by 'some poor bastard .. 24/7/365' as I put it then, nor can 
it require pre-subscription as do some of the better-disciplined lists.

Which means, as ever, that it's up to this community to moderate it as 
we go: making allowances for newbies but pointing out list etiquette and 
mores when people should long since have got past acting like newbies, 
offlist where possible; ignoring obvious trolling, keeping a sense of 
humour about the occasional forays into absurdity and such.

That said, I draw the line at people saying 'fsck you all' when asked 
not to clutter the list with top-posted, tail-quoted one-line drivel.

cheers, Ian

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