sysinstall install.cfg

Rick Miller vmiller at
Thu Nov 11 16:58:18 UTC 2010

On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 10:34 AM, Ross <westr at> wrote:
> vgc> I do this twice before the installCommit and both scripts run and load the
> vgc> resulting configs successfully. I also run another script after the
> vgc> fails citing the script could not be found. In
> vgc> troubleshooting, I found that sysinstall is removing /stand and doing other
> vgc> stuff to / and /var. So, I know why the script cannot be found...because
> vgc> sysinstall is removing it.
> sysinstall basically does a chroot into the newly installed root after
> doing the installcommit, and then remounts the installation source as
> /dist (not quite true, you can mount other sources at this time, but
> always to /dist).
> After the installcommit, you basically are now at a normal freebsd
> installation (ie: /usr/bin and the like are available). You lose
> access to your original mfsroot distribution at this point.

Thank you, Ross.  Your explanation of what was happening lead me to
combine the 2nd of the 2 scripts prior to the installCommit and the
3rd script that I was running after the installCommit.  The result of
the code in the scripts plus the lines in the install.cfg were echoed
out to a file and subsequently loaded via loadConfig.  This produced
the desired result.

Take care
Rick Miller

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