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On Thu, 2010-11-11 at 12:12 +0000, vrwmiller at wrote:
> Hi all,
> Hoping that someone might be able to help me here. I dynamically generate  
> much of the install.cfg by running scripts that send output to files that  
> are, in turn, loaded into install.cfg utilizing loadConfig. The scripts  
> that are run are placed into the mfsroot in /stand and /. They send the  
> output to /a.
> I do this twice before the installCommit and both scripts run and load the  
> resulting configs successfully. I also run another script after the  
> fails citing the script could not be found.

Before distExtractAll is called (called implicitly by installCommit if
not previously called), this is the layout of your environment:

/ -- your mfsroot
/mnt -- your newly formatted disk (empty at this time)
/mnt/dist -- your install media (beit CD/DVD, NFS, etc.)

Meanwhile, _after_ distExtractAll (or installCommit in your case), you
are chroot(2)'ed into /mnt, so this is now your environment:

/ -- your newly formatted disk (populated with FreeBSD now)
/dist -- your install media

> In troubleshooting, I found that sysinstall is removing /stand

That's right:;r2=1.361;f=h

That change was made 5 years, 9 months ago.

>  and doing other  
> stuff to / and /var. So, I know why the script cannot be found...because  
> sysinstall is removing it.
> The question I have then is how can I get around this? I attempted putting  
> the script above the installCommit, but the functions being performed here  
> require that the base system already be in place (I'm adding packages). It  
> seems that I have little choice, but to have this after the installCommit.  
> Unfortunately, sysinstall wipes it out.
> Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

You essentially have about 5 options (I'll let you choose):

1. You can patch sysinstall to keep `/stand' around.
2. You can use an older mfsroot containing an older build of sysinstall
which doesn't blow away `/stand' (not recommended)
3. You can switch using pc-sysinstall (as mentioned by krad)
4. You can create a "post_install.cfg" in the install media and have
your call loadConfig on `/dist/post_install.cfg' after installCommit
5. You can use an mfsroot already tailored specifically to your needs
available at

Let's look at each option in detail:


1. If you want to patch sysinstall to keep `/stand' around, here's what
you need to do:

   a. cvsup the FreeBSD source tree (beyond the scope of this e-mail)
   b. Apply the below patch

--- /usr/src/usr.sbin/sysinstall/install.c	2010-11-11 03:05:53.000000000 -0800
+++ /usr/src/usr.sbin/sysinstall/install.c.orig	2010-06-13 19:09:06.000000000 -0700
@@ -906,6 +906,9 @@ installFixupBase(dialogMenuItem *self)
 	/* BOGON #5: aliases database not built for bin */
+	/* BOGON #6: Remove /stand (finally) */
+	vsystem("rm -rf /stand");
 	/* Now run all the mtree stuff to fix things up */
         vsystem("mtree -deU -f /etc/mtree/BSD.root.dist -p /");
         vsystem("mtree -deU -f /etc/mtree/BSD.var.dist -p /var");

   c. Compile a new mfsroot containing your patched sysinstall by:
      i. cd /usr/src
      ii. make buildworld
      iii. cd /usr/src/release
      iv. make release CHROOTDIR=/usr/release EXTSRCDIR=/usr/src \

   NOTE: If the `make release' fails, it can be resumed...
      i. cd /usr/src/release
      ii. make rerelease CHROOTDIR=/usr/release EXTSRCDIR=/usr/src \

   d. Your mfsroot is at `/usr/release/R/stage/mfsroot/mfsroot.gz'

   NOTE: If, after a successful release, you want to change re-build
         your mfsroot, you really ought to only re-do the `make release'
         step. However, that can be lengthy. If you want to patch only a
         single file and rebuild, you need to first copy the modified
         files from `/usr/src' to `/usr/release/usr/src' (for example,
         copy `/usr/src/usr.sbin/sysinstall/install.c' to
         `/usr/release/usr/src/usr.sbin/sysinstall/install.c') and then:
            i. rm -f /usr/release/usr/obj/usr/src/release/release.4
            ii. rm -f /usr/release/usr/obj/usr/src/release/release.8
            iii. cd /usr/src/release
            iv. make rerelease CHROOTDIR=/usr/release \
                EXTSRCDIR=/usr/src NODOC=YES NO_FLOPPIES=YES \

NOTE: If it looks like you're going to go this route, please keep
reading. The last suggestion is to use my DruidBSD platform which
already has such patches applied, compiled, and ready to download.


2. Using an older mfsroot that keeps `/stand' around after installCommit
is neither recommended nor warranted in this case.

You'd have to go back pretty far. The FreeBSD-4.11 mfsroot contains a
sysinstall(8) binary that keeps `/stand' around. From looking at CVS, it
would also appear that the head of the 5.x series also retains `/stand'.
However, it appears that 6.0 or higher will not fit your needs.

This has the rather unfortunate side-effect of not being able to support
installation onto UFS2 -- as you need later sysinstall(8) and mfsroot to
support performing newfs(8) with the `-O2' option to format the target
disk in UFS2 versus UFS1.

This suggestion is not really an option.


3. You can switch to using pc-sysinstall (the PC-BSD installation

Unfortunately, this suggestion could potentially require a rewrite of
your installation script(s) (depending on the content of your scripts).

This could potentially be akin to a ground-up rewrite.


4. Use a post_install.cfg that lives in your install-media.

This is by-far the simplest suggestion.

Let's say that your installation media is CD-ROM, NFS, or Local
directory. Since your installation media is still accessible in the
chroot(2)'ed environment (under `/dist'), anything you put in there will
work surely exist after the installCommit is performed.

Simply add this:


after your call to `installCommit'. After the `installCommit' resword is
processed, the above will be performed except this time (being chroot
(2)'ed into our new install environment as described at the beginning of
this e-mail) we will find the `post_install.cfg' file in the
installation media within the `/dist' mounted-directory.


5. You can use the mfsroot.gz file from my project, which:

a. Has a patched sysinstall(8) that keeps `/stand' around.
b. Supports directory-based installation (mediaSetNullFS)
c. Has many additional utilities not available in the normal mfsroot

Give it a try... (download via CVS pserver access -- though you can just
as easily use the below URL to grab the mfsroot and customize it).

Alternatively, though...

You could just base your project off of my project. If you did, your
installer would support booting off of USB media. The docs are worth a
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