ZFS License and Future

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On 08.11.2010 18:47, Arthur Chance wrote:
> Presuming you're talking about ZFS, the hash isn't intended to correct
> hardware errors, it's only there to detect them. Correction comes from
> mirroring or the use of RAIDZ{1,2,3}. (I have personal experience of how
> well that works, as I had a disk in a RAIDZ array go bad suddenly, and I
> didn't lose any data.) Any new solution would almost certainly mimic
> ZFS's approach of arranging the data as a Merkel tree, and using
> multiple copies or N out of M shares for correction. I'm not sure GEOM's
> block orientation fits well with Merkel trees though, although I'd be
> happy to be corrected by a GEOM expert.

No, I'm talking about knowing that a file has been corrupted is a little
better than not knowing it has been corrupted. But it still won't help
bring back the file.

And I'm ... all too familiar with redundancy strategies (and backups).
Including their shortcomings. Speaking of which: Has there been any
progress on properly backing up ZFS on FreeBSD yet? (including the metadata)


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