Sendmail as client via smarthost and ssl

Christopher Illies Christopher.Illies at
Mon Nov 1 07:34:50 UTC 2010

>GSSAPI is the "Generic Security Services Application Program Interface"
>and NTLM is "NT Lan Manager" -- they are both authentication systems
>popular amongst various generations of Microsoft OSes.  GSSAPI is
>actually based on that old Unix stalwart: Kerberos, and hence is also
>fairly popular amongst non-Microsoft types.  They are some of the
>authentication mechanisms that come as standard with SASL implementations.
>Unless you know that you do need them, you almost certainly don't.  

Thanks your for the explanation. I was actually not sure whether or not
these options were needed. Authentication to the smarthost did not work,
and at one point I noticed the line:


coming from the server. So I gave it a try - and it still did not work.


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