hoope THIS works...

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at cs.ait.ac.th
Thu Mar 25 03:00:11 UTC 2010

> for reasons that are beyond me,  a few hours ago i stopped being able to
> connect with my mail server.   mutt tells me "(connection refused)";
> the other GUI mailer say zip; they simply do not connect.
> i rebooted my HUB among other things; before that, i could not get outside my 
> network; nor could i even get to ethic [my Server].  since the only thing i
> did was powercycle my linksys hub, i figure that did it.
> right now i am continuing the portupgrade on my mail/web/dns server in 
> the hopes that when that is done, mail will work again.  if not, what else
> could it be?  directories/files/links i need to check/?

It seems the reboot of your Linksys switch helped some how.

Before portupgrading randomly this or that application, you should try
to understand what is going wrong.

Upgrade of DNS should go easily, but when you start upgrading web or
mail, you are talking about tens or hunderds of applications, you are
very likely something goes wrong and you break a system that was
working before.

When you say you could not "get" to ethic, what do you mean?

- Cannot ping?

- Cannot ssh?

- Cannot telnet port 22, 25, 80?

- Cannot traceroute (if your station and the server are on different

- Cannot ping another machine on your LAN?

- Are you sure it was not your desktop that was faulty?

- Etc.

You should make a diagnostic before trying to apply any solution.

As the reboot of thw switch did it, to me it looks like a network
issue: bad switch, bad cable, some highly infected machine on your LAN
that is stressing the swtich, rather than a server/service issue.

Good luck,


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