hoope THIS works...

Gary Kline kline at magnesium.net
Thu Mar 25 02:47:42 UTC 2010

for reasons that are beyond me,  a few hours ago i stopped being able to
connect with my mail server.   mutt tells me "(connection refused)";
the other GUI mailer say zip; they simply do not connect.

i rebooted my HUB among other things; before that, i could not get outside my 
network; nor could i even get to ethic [my Server].  since the only thing i
did was powercycle my linksys hub, i figure that did it.

right now i am continuing the portupgrade on my mail/web/dns server in 
the hopes that when that is done, mail will work again.  if not, what else
could it be?  directories/files/links i need to check/?



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