Anybody uses VMWare on FreeBSD?

Henrik Hudson lists at
Wed Mar 17 22:06:06 UTC 2010

On Wed, 17 Mar 2010, Yuri wrote:

> Henrik Hudson wrote:
> > There is currently a bug in the FreeBSD-stable kernel (newer then
> > Jan 29th) or so which caused the current VirtualBox install to
> > freeze. Just follow the intructions on the VirtualBox FreeBSD wiki
> > to pull the latest 3.1.4 VirtualBox and you should be good.
> >
> >
> > (see the notes under "know issues" at the bottom for update your
> > ports outside of the current ports freeze.
> >
> > My $.02.
> >   
> I have the latest, 3.1.4, and still get system freezes.
> I looked over the instructions in and 
> couldn't find anythings I did that would be out of sync with the 
> instructions.
> Anything particular I should look for there that I could have missed?
> I am trying to install the Linux guest.

I've only ever installed Windows guests. Is the FreeBSD host system
freezing up or the Linux guest install?

I've installed various versions since VirtualBox hit ports and I've
never had an issue, so I've never tried to troubleshoot anything, so
I wouldn't know where to point you specifically.

Is the host still accessable via SSH, ie: the X system is freezing,
or the whole system frozen? Anything in /var/log/messages ?

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