Anybody uses VMWare on FreeBSD?

Yuri yuri at
Wed Mar 17 22:12:45 UTC 2010

Henrik Hudson wrote:
> I've only ever installed Windows guests. Is the FreeBSD host system
> freezing up or the Linux guest install?
> I've installed various versions since VirtualBox hit ports and I've
> never had an issue, so I've never tried to troubleshoot anything, so
> I wouldn't know where to point you specifically.
> Is the host still accessable via SSH, ie: the X system is freezing,
> or the whole system frozen? Anything in /var/log/messages ?

Host system freezes after a while after starting virtual machine. It's 
not accessible
through ssh. Sound begins to cycle, everything freezes including X-system.
Nothing is in /var/log/messages.


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