Anybody uses VMWare on FreeBSD?

Yuri yuri at
Wed Mar 17 22:01:52 UTC 2010

Henrik Hudson wrote:
> There is currently a bug in the FreeBSD-stable kernel (newer then
> Jan 29th) or so which caused the current VirtualBox install to
> freeze. Just follow the intructions on the VirtualBox FreeBSD wiki
> to pull the latest 3.1.4 VirtualBox and you should be good.
> (see the notes under "know issues" at the bottom for update your
> ports outside of the current ports freeze.
> My $.02.

I have the latest, 3.1.4, and still get system freezes.
I looked over the instructions in and 
couldn't find anythings I did that would be out of sync with the 
Anything particular I should look for there that I could have missed?
I am trying to install the Linux guest.


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