Booting Xserve on 8.0

Chris eagletree at
Sat Jun 5 02:37:08 UTC 2010

I have two new Xserves (last years units, 2.8 quad cores). After
fighting with OSX for two months, I decided to see if I could install
FreeBSD since that is what we have always run on our 10 servers
since the 90s (and those two months would have been over in two
days had we had FreeBSD from the start). I decided to give it a try
tonight after a particularly low ebb in the frustration over trying to  
OSX, NOT do user friendly enterprise things, but just configure normal
simple applications that we take for granted can be configured and
stay configured on FreeBSD.

I'm wondering if there is someone on the list who may have information
on this. I used the "boot from CD" procedure that apple provides
at and it will
not boot the 8.0 ISO. I configured one normal intel box using this CD
so I think it's a good disk, and I verified that the Xserve would read
it as a data disk. But I can't get it to boot on the xserve. Bootloader

It pops the disk out and puts the gray folder with a question mark to
tell me to give it a disk it can read. I tried the i386 8.0 CD and had  
same results.

I have read where people are installing the PPC version on xserves.
Is it possible the amd64 version is not somehow bootable in a modern
xserve? Any ideas? Would it be appropriate to ask this on the amd64

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