long day, {04jun10}

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Sat Jun 5 06:17:42 UTC 2010


esp'ly tex wizards, is there a tex version of georgia?  [[i know,
i know, somebody created this typefae for microwit.copr,
everybody favorite company.  company, corp, or human being.]]
notwithstanding, i like it for printed material.  it is small,
even a very smaall pt-sized like 10pt, and easy on the eye.
since i was pointed at some of the better serif for for text,
i've checked out every one.  compared them to georgia; it tops my
best list.  

i was up past 03:00 this morning messing with things tex.
---cannot find xetex, btw, nor xelatex.  so that is a  2nd qstn:
do we have a ports directory where the tex stuff is located?
lyx15 is in /usr/ports/print for some reason; the one time i
played with lyx, it was more of a wordprocessor app.  

finally, is there any font+tex site =and= mailing list that the
tex wizards onlist know of?

tx everybody,


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