bash instead of csh (completely)

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Fri Jun 4 20:04:03 UTC 2010

Stefan Miklosovic wrote:

> Hi list,
> title says it, i would like completely remove csh and install bash
> instead. As far I know, csh is build in system, could I remove it
> manually and install bash (of course, in reverse order :D)
> Are there such dependencies on csh? I know that real system scripting
> is done via /bin/sh
> co absence of csh shell should not break system.

Why do you feel it is necessary to completely remove csh? It is part of the 
base install of the OS and does not prevent you from installing and using 
Bash should you choose. Since these are not mutually exclusive I see no 
reason to remove csh. Just leave it be. Arbitrarily 'removing' stuff from 
the base system without relevant reason is more likely to create a problem 
where none existed previously.

You can install Bash from ports. You should know that it is a third party 
userland application at this point. What you will find out some day when 
/usr won't mount and you're sitting in single-user mode trying to recover 
the box is bash will not be working. And if you made the mistake of changing 
root's shell to bash you will not be a happy camper.

You are certainly free to use whatever shell you want as a user. Don't mess 
with root's shell. I saw once some highly questionable so-called 
'benchmarking' where it was claimed that bash is 4 times slower than 
anything else. My own $.02 is the fixation on bash is more a result from 
people coming over to FreeBSD from Linux, and trying to drag Linux 
methodologies along with instead of looking at FreeBSD fresh and learning 
new stuff. While there is a lot of similarity and overlap, FreeBSD is *not* 
just another Linux distro.


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