bash instead of csh (completely)

Uwe Laverenz uwe at
Fri Jun 4 20:02:11 UTC 2010

Am 04.06.2010 20:56, schrieb Stefan Miklosovic:

> title says it, i would like completely remove csh and install bash
> instead. As far I know, csh is build in system, could I remove it
> manually and install bash (of course, in reverse order :D)

What do you want to achieve with this? Installing shells/bash from ports 
followed by a "chsh" or "vipw" is not sufficient?

If you really want a system without csh please have a look at 
src.conf(5) which has the knob you want:

       Set to not build and install /bin/csh (which is tcsh(1)).

If you add "WITHOUT_TCSH=YES" to your /etc/src.conf you probably can get 
rid of csh after the next buildworld with the commands "make delete-old; 
make delete-old-libs"


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