Automated sysinstall install.cfg

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Fri Jul 2 15:28:39 UTC 2010

On 2 July 2010 15:48, Ross <westr at> wrote:

> TT> is there a person who can help me to solve some problems with
> TT> sysinstall and its install.cfg.
> TT> How can i manage that my mfsroot executes custom commands ?
> Before the "installCommit" command you generally only have access to
> statically compiled commands (generally in the /stand directory) from
> the mfsroot image used.
> -= example lines in install.cfg
> # Sleep for 15 seconds to stabilize things.
> command=/stand/sleep 15
> system
> -=
> After the "installCommit" command, a chroot will have occurred to the
> installation mount point, and you must then use your installed binaries
> to do work. Specify full paths for everything and note that there are
> other oddities since not all things are online/configured, so try and
> keep it as simple as possible.
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Alternatively you could look at the pc-bsd installer. It will do advanced
setups  very easily, most of which are not possible with sysinstall (geom
stuff, zfs etc).

It will install standard freebsd, from a variety of formats. With a little
tinkering you should be able to detach the installer program from the
standard pcbsd image and use your own custom live os on a usb stick. You
would then have a lot of power.

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