Automated sysinstall install.cfg

Ross westr at
Fri Jul 2 14:48:59 UTC 2010

TT> is there a person who can help me to solve some problems with
TT> sysinstall and its install.cfg.

TT> How can i manage that my mfsroot executes custom commands ?

Before the "installCommit" command you generally only have access to
statically compiled commands (generally in the /stand directory) from
the mfsroot image used.

-= example lines in install.cfg
# Sleep for 15 seconds to stabilize things.
command=/stand/sleep 15

After the "installCommit" command, a chroot will have occurred to the
installation mount point, and you must then use your installed binaries
to do work. Specify full paths for everything and note that there are
other oddities since not all things are online/configured, so try and
keep it as simple as possible.


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