Sendmail - One Trick Pony

J skyliner306 at
Thu Jul 1 15:39:20 UTC 2010

I'd like to set up Sendmail to facilitate e-mail (with attached jpeg) delivery to an internet account from my wireless IP
camera.  That's all I want it to do, nothing more.  I've been a very satisfied FreeBSD user for a few
years and am reasonably comfortable with OS and software configuration, but I have literally
no knowledge of mail servers or configuring Sendmail.  Some people suggest using other programs
such as Postfix, but I'd rather get this work with Sendmail.  I
did install the cyrus-sasl2 port as well as saslauthd, since I thought I might have an authentication
problem.  Beyond that the only other things I've done are:

1. sendmail_enable="YES"
in rc.conf
2. (camera's ip address)      RELAY
in /etc/mail/access

I'm seeing my webmail account information (address and relay server) in maillog and when I use
sendmail verbose, I see what looks like a successful transaction but the mail never gets delivered.  So 
it would seem that the camera is communication fine with my FreeBSD server, but the mail isn't getting 
transmitted out to the internet.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



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