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Warren Block wblock at
Thu Jul 1 19:45:03 UTC 2010

On Thu, 1 Jul 2010, J wrote:

> I'd like to set up Sendmail to facilitate e-mail (with attached jpeg) delivery to an internet account from my wireless IP
> camera.  That's all I want it to do, nothing more.  I've been a very satisfied FreeBSD user for a few
> years and am reasonably comfortable with OS and software configuration, but I have literally
> no knowledge of mail servers or configuring Sendmail.  Some people suggest using other programs
> such as Postfix, but I'd rather get this work with Sendmail.  I
> did install the cyrus-sasl2 port as well as saslauthd, since I thought I might have an authentication
> problem.  Beyond that the only other things I've done are:
> 1. sendmail_enable="YES"
> in rc.conf
> 2. (camera's ip address)      RELAY
> in /etc/mail/access
> I'm seeing my webmail account information (address and relay server) in maillog and when I use
> sendmail verbose, I see what looks like a successful transaction but the mail never gets delivered.  So
> it would seem that the camera is communication fine with my FreeBSD server, but the mail isn't getting
> transmitted out to the internet.

Probably you need to set SMART_HOST to use your ISP's mail server.

As root,

# cd /etc/mail
# make

That will create your file if it's not already there. 
Locate the SMART_HOST line, remove the dnl to uncomment it, and enter 
the name of your ISP's mail server.  After that,

# make all install restart

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