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Sat Jan 16 02:45:17 UTC 2010

> Many believe FreeBSD is Unix (and many would say that it really is, in 
> all respects but its name, however that isn't the issue here). 
> Moreover, I've got the impression lots of people truly believe Linux 
> is just another name for Unix. And I do know for a fact that there are 
> people who even believe Unix is another name for Linux.

BSD is a UNIX like OS...... developed way back when by Berkley 
university in the US. Can't remember the dates but for that there's 
Google! In fact Wikipedia has a great tree diagram showing the 
origination of UNIX.

Anyhow UNIX was developed at the end of the 60s by Bell Labs who back 
then was part of AT&T in the US. But had many bugs and quirks and so a 
not-like-UNIX mode was developed according to my Cisco CCNA lecturer who 
was lecturing at university way before even then.

FreeBSD is now an offshoot of BSD and one of a few within the family 
tree but is it's own take on BSD.

> With such ideas, I guess it's easy to assume FreeBSD is just another 
> Linux distro. Isn't it time we try to correct this? I try to do my 
> part in that respect, by explaining to anyone who says, "Oh, you're 
> running Linux?" that there is a difference. And that the difference 
> matters. It may not matter to them. But it does matter to me. And I 
> think it matters to most FreeBSD users. And I also believe it actually 
> matters to Linux users, at least the more serious ones.
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Linux is just a kernel with lots of GPL and GNU software strapped to it 
developed by Linuz Torvalds back I'm sure it was 83 or perhaps was 
discussed back then. The first Linux distro to come out was back in ~93.

Just to add without going completely off topic; there are many UNIX-like 
OS's available today including: BSD, Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX and one 
of yesteryear called IRIX developed by Silicon Graphics.

Back on to topic now ;)

First work out what you want to use; Linux or FreeBSD then after you 
have decided start to learn it as it is extremely different from the M$ 
world and if used in its most raw sense involves no graphical interface 
or point-click nonsense!

I would recommend using FreeBSD on old outdated h/w as the Linux kernel 
can be a bit heavy wrapped around a distro as vibrant as Fedora, or 
Debian and similar. That is without custom building kernels and packages 
specifically designed for the system in question. Although you would do 
this if using an embedded system as pointed out previously or if needing 
some very specific non-generic purpose.

Just remember now that you have entered into the UNIX world that Google 
is your only friend and although there are many people on various lists 
and forums who can help and assist, they will not be pleased or welcome 
someone who has failed to use the main basic rule of any thing. As if it 
can't be Googled it most likely 99.9% doesn't exist!!!



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