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Sat Jan 16 03:34:14 UTC 2010

On 2010-01-16 03:44, Kaya Saman wrote:
>> Many believe FreeBSD is Unix (and many would say that it really is, in
>> all respects but its name, however that isn't the issue here).
>> Moreover, I've got the impression lots of people truly believe Linux
>> is just another name for Unix. And I do know for a fact that there are
>> people who even believe Unix is another name for Linux.
> BSD is a UNIX like OS...... developed way back when by Berkley
> university in the US. Can't remember the dates but for that there's
> Google! In fact Wikipedia has a great tree diagram showing the
> origination of UNIX.
> Anyhow UNIX was developed at the end of the 60s by Bell Labs who back
> then was part of AT&T in the US. But had many bugs and quirks and so a
> not-like-UNIX mode was developed according to my Cisco CCNA lecturer who
> was lecturing at university way before even then.
> FreeBSD is now an offshoot of BSD and one of a few within the family
> tree but is it's own take on BSD.
>> With such ideas, I guess it's easy to assume FreeBSD is just another
>> Linux distro. Isn't it time we try to correct this? I try to do my
>> part in that respect, by explaining to anyone who says, "Oh, you're
>> running Linux?" that there is a difference. And that the difference
>> matters. It may not matter to them. But it does matter to me. And I
>> think it matters to most FreeBSD users. And I also believe it actually
>> matters to Linux users, at least the more serious ones.
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> Linux is just a kernel with lots of GPL and GNU software strapped to it
> developed by Linuz Torvalds back I'm sure it was 83 or perhaps was
> discussed back then. The first Linux distro to come out was back in ~93.
> Just to add without going completely off topic; there are many UNIX-like
> OS's available today including: BSD, Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX and one
> of yesteryear called IRIX developed by Silicon Graphics.
> Back on to topic now ;)
> First work out what you want to use; Linux or FreeBSD then after you
> have decided start to learn it as it is extremely different from the M$
> world and if used in its most raw sense involves no graphical interface
> or point-click nonsense!
> I would recommend using FreeBSD on old outdated h/w as the Linux kernel
> can be a bit heavy wrapped around a distro as vibrant as Fedora, or
> Debian and similar. That is without custom building kernels and packages
> specifically designed for the system in question. Although you would do
> this if using an embedded system as pointed out previously or if needing
> some very specific non-generic purpose.
> Just remember now that you have entered into the UNIX world that Google
> is your only friend and although there are many people on various lists
> and forums who can help and assist, they will not be pleased or welcome
> someone who has failed to use the main basic rule of any thing. As if it
> can't be Googled it most likely 99.9% doesn't exist!!!
> Regards,
> Kaya

Hi Kaya,

Firstly, just for clarity, I do know all of that, and the original 
poster of this thread is the one you CC'ed.

Secondly (also just for clarity, I guess), most of your post is OT, as 
it is basically a reply to my post, and my post was OT as it was simply 
a reaction to the original poster's mistake of saying Linux and meaning 


Rolf Nielsen

P.S. No, I'm not trying to be a smart arse. ;)

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