Problems With K3b

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Sun Feb 21 09:58:24 UTC 2010

On Sat, 20 Feb 2010 22:00:10 -0600, Programmer In Training <pit at> wrote:
> I've already added the necessary line to
> /boot/default/loader.conf for enabling dma)

The file /boot/loader.conf is the file you should edit. The
defaults file is read prior to the normal config file, it
is overriden by different settings.

> Using pkg_add for k3b isn't working because I'm using a newer version of
> some of it's dependencies and that apparently is causing problems (I
> should have never installed Xv, I had to upgrade jpeg from jpeg-7 to
> jpeg-8 and that upgrade has caused nothing but problems).

I've experienced that "fun", too. :-)

What error message is issued if you "fake install" K3B?
See pkg_add -rvn (remote, verbose, no-install)? Maybe it
will work with the newer version of libjpeg.

> I realize now that I'm going to have to learn to use the port management
> tools to help prevent problems like this in the future and that's ok.

I've often been told that portmaster would be a good choice.
I've used portinstall / portupgrade in the past, but have to
say that I honestly prefer pkg_add -r for simplicity. :-)

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