Problems With K3b

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Mon Feb 22 05:55:23 UTC 2010

On 02/21/10 03:58, Polytropon wrote:
> I've often been told that portmaster would be a good choice.
> I've used portinstall / portupgrade in the past, but have to
> say that I honestly prefer pkg_add -r for simplicity. :-)

I'm running portmaster right now to check for new packages and
(recursively) dependencies and to upgrade anything that needs upgrading
(if I'm reading the man page right I believe I issued the right
command). I'm hoping this will take care of my k3b issue as well. Either
way, I've decided to not worry about k3b, though I do want to resolve
this if for no other reason than for if someone else runs into this
problem, the archive will have the solution.

I'd give you the output of pkg_add -rvn k3b but it'd be pointless
because at some point I think I might have forced its install. pkgdb -f
(to handle the stale dependency for mDNSResponder-108) flakes out on
mDNSResponder, I think. I have more important issues right now than k3b
(such as searching out docs for accessing my internal IOmega ZIP100
drive, seeing as the handbook only deals with USB, Optical (CD and DVD)
and Floppy drives).

I'll keep the list updated with my progress in getting k3b working
(right now I get the following:

[user1 at hostname]k3b
/libexec/ Shared object "" not found, required
by "k3b"

which I'm hoping portmaster will fix).
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