Problems With K3b

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Sun Feb 21 04:00:36 UTC 2010

I'm trying to install k3b from ports so I might use my DVD super multi
format drive (an HP 1040i; I've already added the necessary line to
/boot/default/loader.conf for enabling dma) with either the gui or cli
but during the install of libthai (which is a dependency of kimproxy
which is a dependency of k3b) the configure script infinitely loops. Is
anyone else having this issue? I was able to add it via pkg_add -r but
encountered other problems. Apparently I hadn't compiled Qt with thread
support and another required part of kdelibs failed on that part, so I
deinstalled qt33 and began recompiling it with the intention of enabling
thread support. The compile of Qt than proceeded to fail (I've long
since closed the window but could retry it to get the specific messages
if needed). I need Qt back because I have quite a few apps that require
Qt installed (though I'm wanting to get rid of qwit, if anyone can
recommend a /good/ Twitter client for FreeBSD, I'd appreciate a private
mail with the recommendation).

Using pkg_add for k3b isn't working because I'm using a newer version of
some of it's dependencies and that apparently is causing problems (I
should have never installed Xv, I had to upgrade jpeg from jpeg-7 to
jpeg-8 and that upgrade has caused nothing but problems).

I can really do without k3b since I do have the cli tools, but I'd like
to resolve these issues (when I asked for help with flash, I was able to
update my ports collection so I have the latest available as of
yesterday) so that they aren't problems further on down the road.

I realize now that I'm going to have to learn to use the port management
tools to help prevent problems like this in the future and that's ok.
This install is supposed to be a learning experience (even if this box
has become my primary machine, unlike I had intended) and I am trying to
Yours In Christ,

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