portmaster problems upgrading to php 5.3.4

Kelly Martin kellymartin at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 04:42:02 UTC 2010

2010/12/28 Maciej Milewski <milu at dat.pl>:
> Have you read /usr/ports/UPDATING?
> There is a note:
> 20101208:
>  AFFECTS: autotools
>  AUTHOR: autotools at FreeBSD.org
>  Another stage in the autotools cleanup that reduces tree churn whilst
>  updating components, a number of ports have now moved to non-versioned
>  locations since there is now only the concept of legacy and current
>  versions.
>  # portmaster -o devel/autoconf devel/autoconf268
>  # portmaster -o devel/automake devel/automake111
>  # portmaster -o devel/libtool devel/libtool22
>  # portmaster -o devel/libltdl devel/libltdl22

Awesome, that fixed my problem. Thanks very much! I hadn't seen that
note in /usr/ports/UPDATING so I appreciate you pointing it out. And I
just ran this on all my servers and everything is now up to date,


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