Is Linux emulator not up-to-date and doesn't understand STB_GNU_UNIQUE binding?

Yuri yuri at
Wed Dec 29 09:47:19 UTC 2010

I have the working app in Ubuntu.
When I copy it to FreeBSD with all shared libs I get such message:
app.linux: symbol lookup error: ../lib/ undefined symbol: 
version GLIBCXX_3.4

../lib/ has been taken from Ubuntu (gcc-4.5.1)

Upon closer inspection I see that on FreeBSD:
 > readelf -aW ../lib/ | grep 
   1426: 000f30dc     4 OBJECT <OS specific>: 10 DEFAULT   26 
   3380: 000f30dc     4 OBJECT <OS specific>: 10 DEFAULT   26 

But on Ubuntu the word UNIQUE replaces 10. It refers to the relatively 
newly introduced extension STB_GNU_UNIQUE, see here:

Should Linux emulator be updated?


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