Build World fails on 7-stable with cvs sources

Michael Eubanks mse_software at
Fri Dec 3 06:51:36 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-12-02 at 19:30 -0500, Martes G Wigglesworth wrote:
> Greetings Mickael
> I am now testing with the same sources tree on three different virtual 
> machines to see if it will fail. If it won't, then I will just have to 
> accept that one of the other poster's indications that it may be 
> hardware related, is the cause, and look at replacing that equipment. So 
> far, two of them are still running without error with the same sources 
> tree. (Just started the third on another system for good measure.)
Yes. This is probably dead on. The documentation will tell you the same

> I am running them on different host architectures as both a test of the 
> vm, and as a test to make sure that a clean install of 7.3-Release will 
> not fail upon building world on them.
> On 11/28/2010 10:14 PM, Michael Eubanks wrote:
> > Curious. What does your ``make'' command look like?
> My make command is as follows:
> make buildworld
The only thing that I would suggest you might try, assuming that there
are some options on the command line or in make.conf, is to remove those
options (e.g., -j, etc.).  This is what I was getting at before.  If
your other builds are successful and all else fails, though, you have a
hardware issue on that machine.

> I actually have the entire process built into a simple shell script 
> which runs the commands and throws their output to log files, and then 
> reports back to the central "updater" script with any errors at any 
> level of the process. Nothing fancy, because I forgot that it was their 
> about a month later when I didn't need to update anymore systems.


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