Mail and DNS setup

Rocky Borg rrborg at
Thu Aug 19 23:06:45 UTC 2010

  On 8/19/2010 3:44 PM, Depo Catcher wrote:
> While we're at it, any alternatives to bind?  We have a slow internet 
> so like to cache things locally.
> Other than local lookup and caching, nothing else is needed.

Unbound ( ) just does validating, recursive, and 
caching DNS. If you ever end up needing an authoritative server you can 
pair it with NSD ( ). They are 
both from the same company.

There is also MaraDNS, it promotes itself as being very secure, small, 
and easy to configure ( ).

I personally like MaraDNS, you can read the advocacy document which 
compares various DNS servers.

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