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Roland Smith rsmith at
Thu Aug 19 23:08:44 UTC 2010

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 05:44:46PM -0500, Depo Catcher wrote:
> I have a local box that downloads all my mail (~8 accounts) via fetchmail.
> It's processed by sendmail/procmail and sorted into Maildir folder.
>  From there I retrieved via courier-imap (ssl) in Thunderbird.
> This has worked well, but since it's been running there have been quite 
> a few security advisories in fetchmail, sendmail and procmail.
> I'm not fond of any of their configs or syntax either, so won't mind 
> trying some alternatives on my new server.

If it ain't broken...

> What would be a good procmail replacement?  I've searched around, but 
> couldn't find anything that provides the same functionality.
> I have a lot of email so like to sort it into specific folders.

IMO the best replacement for procmail is procmail. :-)

> For sendmail, qmail looks like a good contender.  Any others that I 
> might consider?  Generally it seems like a qmail is pretty solid?

Postfix works well and is easy to configure.
> Also anything special I need to do to uninstall or get rid of sendmail 
> on my system?

Put the following in /etc/rc.conf;


To disable the building of sendmail next time you do a 'make buildworld', add
the following to /etc/src.conf;


> While we're at it, any alternatives to bind?  We have a slow internet so 
> like to cache things locally.
> Other than local lookup and caching, nothing else is needed.

Here you go;

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