Mail and DNS setup

Depo Catcher depocatcher at
Thu Aug 19 22:44:41 UTC 2010

I have a local box that downloads all my mail (~8 accounts) via fetchmail.
It's processed by sendmail/procmail and sorted into Maildir folder.
 From there I retrieved via courier-imap (ssl) in Thunderbird.

This has worked well, but since it's been running there have been quite 
a few security advisories in fetchmail, sendmail and procmail.
I'm not fond of any of their configs or syntax either, so won't mind 
trying some alternatives on my new server.

What other setup would work for my needs?  I really like courier-imap, 
so would like to stay with that or another imap ssl server.
For fetchmail, getmail looks like a good alternative.

What would be a good procmail replacement?  I've searched around, but 
couldn't find anything that provides the same functionality.
I have a lot of email so like to sort it into specific folders.

For sendmail, qmail looks like a good contender.  Any others that I 
might consider?  Generally it seems like a qmail is pretty solid?

getmail + qmail + procmail replacement + courier-imap = win?

Also anything special I need to do to uninstall or get rid of sendmail 
on my system?

While we're at it, any alternatives to bind?  We have a slow internet so 
like to cache things locally.
Other than local lookup and caching, nothing else is needed.

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