Gnus issue in FreeBSD (was: Re: IPv6 rtadv on FreeBSD 8.1?)

Carl Johnson carlj at
Sun Aug 8 16:49:38 UTC 2010

ashish at (Ashish SHUKLA) writes:

> Carl Johnson writes:
> [...]
>> Now if I could just figure out why gnus doesn't work right under emacs
>> I could finish migrating from Linux to FreeBSD.
> I use same .gnus in both GNU/Linux and FreeBSD and keep the mailboxen on the
> $HOME of both boxen sync-ed with each other, and works great for me.

I posted that in another thread and replied later when I discovered
the problem.  It appears that I had somehow put gnus-agent in offline
mode, so it worked once I realized that and put it back online.

How do you sync the mailboxes together?  That sounds like something
that could be useful for my configuration.  Actually I am trying to
move my old mail from Linux to FreeBSD, but syncing might be an easier
way to handle moving it.

Carl Johnson		carlj at

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