Gnus issue in FreeBSD

Ashish SHUKLA ashish at
Sun Aug 8 19:01:34 UTC 2010

Carl Johnson writes:


> How do you sync the mailboxes together?  That sounds like something
> that could be useful for my configuration.  Actually I am trying to
> move my old mail from Linux to FreeBSD, but syncing might be an easier
> way to handle moving it.

I use following sh script to synchronize my mailbox stuff which includes
Maildirs, Gnus configuration, procmail configuration, mairix db, etc.



for i in .newsrc .newsrc.eld .newsrc~ .newsrc.eld~ .newsrc-dribble~ .gnus .gnus.elc .procmailrc mail/ .maildir/ .mutt/ Mail/ News/ .mairix/; do
	if [ -d ${i} ]; then cd ${i} ; fi
	rsync -rvzdlt --delete /disks/bsd-home/${USER}/${i} .
	if [ -d $HOME/${i} ]; then cd ; fi
cd ${cwd}

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