Typical Network Performance

Lokadamus lokadamus at gmx.de
Mon Aug 2 06:27:54 UTC 2010

Am 01.08.2010 23:18, schrieb Jason C. Wells:
> I have a 100 mbps (12,207 KiB/s) home LAN in full-duplex.  A 1 MiB 
> file transfers at 146.7 KiB/s via wput.  The same file transfers at 
> 91.34 KiB/s via samba.  That's less than 1% of available transfer 
> rate.  Seems like my transfers are slow.  I do better than that when 
> installing via the internet.
> Does the FTP performance compared to available bandwidth seem right?  
> Is the relative performance of samba to FTP right?  I read a couple 
> quick links on the net which said, "It's complicated."
> Thanks,
> Jason C. Wells
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Which networkcard is built in?
Do you copy via IP oder DNS?
Can you ping your PCs with name?

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