Installing 8.1-RELEASE from the memstick

bdsfbsd at bdsfbsd at
Sun Aug 1 21:56:22 UTC 2010

On Sat, 31 Jul 2010 05:03:07 -0400, <perryh at> wrote:

> When installing from the 8.1-RELEASE memstick, what is the correct
> selection for Installation Media?  I'm not finding any mention of
> memstick in the Handbook.

You want USB (assuming you did put the image on an actual memstick and not  
a CD or some other such oddity), but you may have tried that and had the  
some problem I was.

I just did a memstick install yesterday and it wouldn't let me select USB  
as the install media, it said not found or something, but stumbled on the  
simple fix:

When it comes time to select the media, go to the 'View/Set various  
installation options' screen instead. Press up-arrow a couple times to get  
to 'Re-scan devices' and press the space bar. In my case, it happens so  
quick that it doesn't look like anything actually happens, but it did  
really do something. Press Q to go back to the install menu, and go ahead  
to 'Media' and pick USB. It should then say 'Using USB device: da0a'.



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