Failure to do netinstall

Vadim Maksimenko vadimax at
Fri Oct 30 07:42:27 UTC 2009

Dear Sirs,

    I have faced an unpleasant fact that your netinstall ability of 7.2 
RELEASE and 8.0-RC2 are dead. My network card is being identified and 
initialized properly (an old 3com980), it gets DHCP setup (IP, gateway, DNS 
info is ok), but... That's all that is done properly. When I try to select 
any flavor of network install, it crashes with a message like "Cannot 
connect bla bla bla: the connect is in wrong state."

    What should I do now if I want to install FreeBSD via network and have 
no option of changing the hardware?

Yours faithfully, Vadim. 

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