I hate to bitch but bitch I must

Neal Hogan nealhogan at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 02:54:45 UTC 2009

> It is simple to understand Emglish but not so simple what was meant by
> whoever wrote it...I cannot correct something that I do not uderstand...
> come on, man, that should be easy to understand.
> I am afraid that with all the globalization people still do not
> understand that translations should be left to experts... an by that I
> mean the final version should always, and I mean always, be by a native
> speaking person.
> I speak english, french, italian, some spanish and german as well as
> latvian... but I would never attempt to translate into any language
> other than English... and then not without the help of the original
> language's originator. ;-)

<since I'm in the mood>
PJ, you certainly sound like a scholar . . . you "speak" many
languages and have a strict translation policy, yet (given those two
points) it doesn't follow you have any idea how to use any of those

You prefer drama and at some point we're going to realize that there
is no wolf? KISS! (google for translation).

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