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Sat Oct 17 06:24:26 UTC 2009

On Fri, 16 Oct 2009 22:54, nealhogan@ wrote:
>> It is simple to understand Emglish but not so simple what was meant by
>> whoever wrote it...I cannot correct something that I do not uderstand...
>> come on, man, that should be easy to understand.
>> I am afraid that with all the globalization people still do not
>> understand that translations should be left to experts... an by that I
>> mean the final version should always, and I mean always, be by a native
>> speaking person.
>> I speak english, french, italian, some spanish and german as well as
>> latvian... but I would never attempt to translate into any language
>> other than English... and then not without the help of the original
>> language's originator. ;-)
> <since I'm in the mood>
> PJ, you certainly sound like a scholar . . . you "speak" many
> languages and have a strict translation policy, yet (given those two
> points) it doesn't follow you have any idea how to use any of those
> languages.
> You prefer drama and at some point we're going to realize that there
> is no wolf? KISS! (google for translation).

Dear Neal,

Stop being a pathetic reply artist. Hit [Delete] next time or learn how 
to lead-in your replies so everyone knows who your replying to. He actually 
has a real point its just not caught with all the unneeded attention your 
bring to hist statement about language.

Little over dramatic and pathetic give it up its email....

echo \

Your best friend.


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