7.2 Sysinstall choices -- existing multi-boot (based on Win7 RC's boot mgr) system

Mark O'Donnell m.odonnell at shaw.ca
Sat Oct 3 05:00:00 UTC 2009

> Currently, I have Win/XP in slice 1, no slice 2, Win 7 RC in slice 3 and
>  Acronis' hidden part in  slice 4. I have unallocated space after slice 1
>  (about 45gb) I wanted to use for FreeBSD.
> I told sysinstall to create a slice (in the unallocated space), then create
>  FreeBSD partitions in it for /, paging, /usr, /var, /tmp & /home. I'm not
>  sure what I'm supposed to tell it about boot managers though? Right now
>  the MBR points to Acronis' recovery slice, which boots to Win 7's boot
>  manager, it defaults to Win/XP. When I said do nothing sysinstall marked
>  the new slice bootable, and FreeBSD does boot to a text menu with Beastie
>  on it. But, that doesn't give access to the OS's in slice 1 and 3?

The default Windows MBR will simply just boot the active slice. When you 
created your FreeBSD slice it was automatically marked active.

> if I tell it to use the default boot manager, (booteasy?), will it offer at
>  least access to what's currently in the master boot record & slice 2
>  (FreeBSD)? Or do I need a way to tell Win7's boot manager about FreeBSD in
>  slice 2?

boot0 (aka BootEasy) will ask you what slice to boot from. If you've already 
installed FreeBSD you can replace your current MBR with:

boot0cfg -B ad0

Just make sure to replace ad0 with your actual hdd device name.

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