7.2 Sysinstall choices -- existing multi-boot (based on Win7 RC's boot mgr) system

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Sat Oct 3 19:43:11 UTC 2009

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>> Currently=2C I have Win/XP in slice 1=2C no slice 2=2C Win 7 RC in slice=
 3 and
>> Acronis' hidden part in slice 4. I have unallocated space after slice 1
>> (about 45gb) I wanted to use for FreeBSD.
>> I told sysinstall to create a slice (in the unallocated space)=2C then c=
>> FreeBSD partitions in it for /=2C paging=2C /usr=2C /var=2C /tmp & /home=
. I'm not
>> sure what I'm supposed to tell it about boot managers though? Right now
>> the MBR points to Acronis' recovery slice=2C which boots to Win 7's boot
>> manager=2C it defaults to Win/XP. When I said do nothing sysinstall mark=
>> the new slice bootable=2C and FreeBSD does boot to a text menu with Beas=
>> on it. But=2C that doesn't give access to the OS's in slice 1 and 3?
> The default Windows MBR will simply just boot the active slice. When you
> created your FreeBSD slice it was automatically marked active.
>> if I tell it to use the default boot manager=2C (booteasy?)=2C will it o=
ffer at
>> least access to what's currently in the master boot record & slice 2
>> (FreeBSD)? Or do I need a way to tell Win7's boot manager about FreeBSD =
>> slice 2?
> boot0 (aka BootEasy) will ask you what slice to boot from. If you've alre=
> installed FreeBSD you can replace your current MBR with:
> boot0cfg -B ad0
> Just make sure to replace ad0 with your actual hdd device name.

Does boot0 use / save the existing MBR (there already is code in there to l=
for  an f11 key press then boot to Acronis's standalone restorer (It=20
looks like a tailored Linux :))=2C if not boot to 'active slice')?
Does FreeBSD's slice / partition boot block have enough info to boot FreeBS=
D   =20
if another boot manager selects it? Thinking I could possibly add FreeBSD's
slice to Win 7's list of target OS's? =20
slice 1 is Win XP
slice 2 is FreeBSD (/=2C page=2C /usr=2C /var=2C /tmp & /home BSD partition=
slice 3 is Win 7 RC
slice 4 is Acronis's hidden recovery setup   =20
It appears that the Acronis' MBR looks for an f11 key press=20
(if found boot Acronis=2C if not boot the 'active partition').=20
Active partition was Win 7's boot manager which had Win 7 and=20
Win XP as targets with Win XP as it's default).
Acronis's standalone boot menu knows itself and Win 7's boot manager.
I'm guessing whatever wrote the MBR saved the old boot code=2C
so it could use it as an alternate target=2C (if one hit the
the trigger key by mistake).

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