7.2 Sysinstall choices -- existing multi-boot (based on Win7 RC's boot mgr) system

Fuzzy Zabriskie qwillpen at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 3 00:46:54 UTC 2009

Currently, I have Win/XP in slice 1, no slice 2, Win 7 RC in slice 3 and Acronis' hidden part in  slice 4.
I have unallocated space after slice 1 (about 45gb) I wanted to use for FreeBSD. 
I told sysinstall to create a slice (in the unallocated space), then create FreeBSD partitions in it
for /, paging, /usr, /var, /tmp & /home. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to tell it about boot managers
though? Right now the MBR points to Acronis' recovery slice, which boots to Win 7's boot manager, it 
defaults to Win/XP. When I said do nothing sysinstall marked the new slice bootable, and FreeBSD does 
boot to a text menu with Beastie on it. But, that doesn't give access to the OS's in slice 1 and 3?
if I tell it to use the default boot manager, (booteasy?), will it offer at least access to what's 
currently in the master boot record & slice 2 (FreeBSD)? Or do I need a way to tell Win7's boot 
manager about FreeBSD in slice 2?

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