OOo3.1 binary addition makes firefox,evolution unlaunchable from desktop

dhaneshk k dhaneshkk at
Fri Nov 27 05:07:16 UTC 2009

fellow FreeBSDians,

  I am  facing    gnome2  issues in freebsd7.2

I installed freebsd7.2  in an IBMT60 lenova notebook,(  coreduoe 2.16 Ghz, IGB ram, ATI graphics)

   I  done  pkg_add  -r xorg, fine created xorg.conf  and tested   with  -retro option,  then got  mouse detected with blank screen.  I used hald and dbus in  rc.conf.

Then I installed     gnome   by    pkg_add -r gnome2 ,  fine   enabled  gdm in rc.conf  and able to login and can use  Desktop .  I can chage Desktop background with  .jpeg files
everything fine.

 But when Idownloaded  OOo3.1 binaries for 7.2 release from   and   pkg_add locally

, then it failed , asking me to   install python26.x , jbigkit,    latest   gnutls  & jpeg from ports  instead of what I have in this box, then  cups-base, cups-image, cups-client etc  .

I installed python26, jbigkit, cups-base, cups-image, cups-client.   I deinstalled gnutls & jpeg ports and installed  again them.  after this     OOo got installed  and working fine.  

But after I rebooted the machine    but issues 

    1)   firefox browser can't launch , what I made wrong how to fix it?
    2) Ekiga softphone , Epiphany webbrowser can't launch.  how to fix ?
   3)in Sound&Video Movie player , swfdec Flash player etch can't launch  
   4) Evolution Mail & calender also can't launced.
   5) I can't change  Desktop background with  .jpeg files ,  but .png  wall papers worked for desktop backgroud. ?  

what I made wrong,  how can I fix  these issues,   I really need  a FreeBSD7.2  Desktop in my  this notebook, 

Please help me with your suggestions & expertise,  All help much appreciated.

Thanks in advance 

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