OOo3.1 binary addition makes firefox,evolution unlaunchable from desktop

Polytropon freebsd at
Fri Nov 27 07:30:35 UTC 2009

On Fri, 27 Nov 2009 05:07:15 +0000, dhaneshk k <dhaneshkk at> wrote:
>   I deinstalled gnutls & jpeg ports and installed  again them.  after
> this     OOo got installed  and working fine.  
> But after I rebooted the machine    but issues 
>     1)   firefox browser can't launch , what I made wrong how to fix it?

It's possible that Firefox had been linked against the jpeg
library you had installed before the upgrade. Upgrading
Firefox now should fix this.

>     2) Ekiga softphone , Epiphany webbrowser can't launch.  how to fix ?

Maybe the same reason. Can you start it from a terminal session
and show the error message? Please do the same with Firefox to
check missing library dependencies.

>    3)in Sound&Video Movie player , swfdec Flash player etch can't launch  
>    4) Evolution Mail & calender also can't launced.

See above.

>    5) I can't change  Desktop background with  .jpeg files ,
>  but .png  wall papers worked for desktop backgroud. ?  

Yes, really seems to be the jpeg library.

> what I made wrong,  how can I fix  these issues,   I really need
>  a FreeBSD7.2  Desktop in my  this notebook, 

As it looks to me, you upgraded the jpeg library to a newer
version (to fulfill a requirement of OpenOffice), but the
applications you have installed still require the older
library that doesn't exist anymore on your system.

To fix this, either re-install the older library version
(this is what you surely do NOT want because of OpenOffice),
or upgrade all applications that depend on the jpeg library.
Tools like portmaster or portupgrade can help you with this,
so you don't need to upgrade everything manually.

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