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Gary Kline kline at
Sun Nov 8 02:40:46 UTC 2009

	hey guys,

	my last e-troubles happened a few months ago, or several weeks
	ago, when my old KVM unit began flaking out.  the one computer
	buddy i have in the seattle area suggested i order a 4-port
	iogear.  i did and he installed it.  it was .LT. sixty bux
	and next-to-worthless given my disability.[*]  altho i did type
	down the conversation between iogear and my friend, i'll spare
	you.  nutshell: they refused to swap and upgrade for something
	i could more readily use.  --i'll post the entire story on my
	freebsd pages in time.

	my new/used dell inspiron-530 is here.  it is installed to as far
	as i can install it.  trouble is that i see on the dell screen

	"Keyboard failure"

	and a message to press F2 to setup.  the kvm has the old ps2
	plugs and no adaptors to USB.  i have the dell kybd here, come
	to think of it, but i'm waaay the hell beyond achy to get down
	and muck around and test.

	what's your best guess, folks?  the computer parts stores
	around here have largely shut down ...but if ordering an
	adaptor or two will fix things, i'll do it.

	any thoughts on this?  i think i would need at least 547 pain
	meds to get back down there and plug in the kyboard; i might
	drowse off


[*] gotta type CTRL-ALT-Shift at just the right keyrate (+/- 0.000000000001s:)
    to change ports.

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