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Al Plant noc at
Sun Nov 8 03:17:24 UTC 2009

Gary Kline wrote:
> 	hey guys,
> 	my last e-troubles happened a few months ago, or several weeks
> 	ago, when my old KVM unit began flaking out.  the one computer
> 	buddy i have in the seattle area suggested i order a 4-port
> 	iogear.  i did and he installed it.  it was .LT. sixty bux
> 	and next-to-worthless given my disability.[*]  altho i did type
> 	down the conversation between iogear and my friend, i'll spare
> 	you.  nutshell: they refused to swap and upgrade for something
> 	i could more readily use.  --i'll post the entire story on my
> 	freebsd pages in time.
> 	my new/used dell inspiron-530 is here.  it is installed to as far
> 	as i can install it.  trouble is that i see on the dell screen
> 	"Keyboard failure"
> 	and a message to press F2 to setup.  the kvm has the old ps2
> 	plugs and no adaptors to USB.  i have the dell kybd here, come
> 	to think of it, but i'm waaay the hell beyond achy to get down
> 	and muck around and test.
> 	what's your best guess, folks?  the computer parts stores
> 	around here have largely shut down ...but if ordering an
> 	adaptor or two will fix things, i'll do it.
> 	any thoughts on this?  i think i would need at least 547 pain
> 	meds to get back down there and plug in the kyboard; i might
> 	drowse off
> 	gary
> [*] gotta type CTRL-ALT-Shift at just the right keyrate (+/- 0.000000000001s:)
>     to change ports.
Aloha Gary,

Radio Shack has a converter from PS2 to usb for stuff like that. I 
bought a kit of converters from Home Depot her in Honolulu for the same 

The KVM switch I have in the server room is PS2 but has little switches 
on the front that change the mouse , monitor and keyboard with a light 
pressure. Even a pencil with an eraser on it could be used to change 
from one of any of eight ports.

Send me a picture of the setup you have and I'll see if I can figure out 
a way to work it for you.

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