math/py-numpy vs. math/atlas-devel

Scott Bennett bennett at
Sun Nov 8 01:21:26 UTC 2009

     I would like to install science/gnudatalanguage but have been running
into various obstacles.  Lars Engels very kindly just fixed one of them
(devel/lasi) (Thanks, Lars!), so now I'm on to the next one, which may not
be a showstopper, but it's at least a nuisance.  One of the gnudatalanguage
dependencies is math/py-numpy, which, in turn, depends upon math/atlas.
However, I have math/atlas-devel installed and do not wish to revert to an
older, slower version of the ATLAS library.  Adding a "-x atlas-\*" onto
the portmaster command to build math/py-numpy fails to prevent portmaster
from trying to build math/atlas.  Creating a
/var/db/pkg/atlas-3.8.3_1,1/+IGNOREME file in addition doesn't help.  How
can I force math/py-numpy to accept the already installed math/atlas-devel
     Thanks in advance for any help!

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