On the need for moderated questions lists

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at freebsd.org
Fri May 29 08:54:22 UTC 2009

On Fri, 29 May 2009 10:00:23 +0200 (CEST), Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl> wrote:
>>> nothing that prevent me from having an opinion about moderation and
>>> trying to explain to others that it make sense.
>> While a change like this is possible, it is going to be very very hard.
>> To change something so deeply ingrained into the whole `culture' of
> why adding extra moderated list is a change of deeply ingrained culture?
> Once again i'm not for shutting down that list.

Because we already _have_ a list `for general FreeBSD questions', and it
is open.  Adding even more lists to the mix will --at least initially--
only serve as a source of mild confusion.  Imagine you are a new FreeBSD
user.  You know absolutely nothing about all this moderated vs. open
list stuff.  You only happen to stumble upon a listing of the two places
on www.FreeBSD.org and their descriptions are:

    freebsd-questions           - A list for general FreeBSD questions.
    freebsd-questions-moderated - A moderated list for FreeBSD questions.

Now step back a bit, assume you are a new FreeBSD user, and you have to
decide where to post.  Where would you post and why?

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