Canon printer and TurboPrint

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu May 28 20:58:07 UTC 2009

>> but they HAVE. You probably observed already that lots of people buy
>> things to HAVE them. You are right.
> That is an incredibly stupid statement.

This is an incredibly stupid behaviour, but unfortunately true.

> While a user may buy a product
> that contains additional software that they do not require, they are
> never-the-less buying a product that they want. You statement, "buy
> things to HAVE them" makes no sense. Of course they buy something

Your explanations are theoretical.

And you are right this people behaviour doesn't indeed make sense. But 
it's a normal.

Not just printers, i ask people why they got this new cellphone.

"Because it has <this>,<this>,java, etc. etc."

Do you use that functions?


>> Not all people, but most. The problem is that there are less and less
>> people that do not want a crap.
> Basic law of marketing is to give the public what they want.

Exactly right. I don't say that it's wrong, but about how people act.
It's just observation of things that can be classified as law of nature. 
nothing else.

>>> That's intended by the marked (because users intend so). Buying
>>> new printers all day long is normal, so you always have a "top
>>> of the line" printer. :-)
> Actually, when it costs me $49. to re-ink a cheap printer and only $39.
> to buy a new one, is is almost easier to simply swap the old one out,

that's why i don't buy ink printer. Because it's so costly to reink.

Compared to my laser that prints ca 7000 pages for 25$ cartridge.
Original costs almost 100$ but polish-produced compatible one is as good
if not better.

> then give it away as a donation and take the tax credit. I have actually
> done that by the way.

Everything that allows you not to pay tax is a good thing.

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