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>>> The problem is that most buyers are more happy when they get "added
>>> value" "for free" like tons of CD's
>> Even if they never use it.
>but they HAVE. You probably observed already that lots of people buy 
>things to HAVE them. You are right.

That is an incredibly stupid statement. While a user may buy a product
that contains additional software that they do not require, they are
never-the-less buying a product that they want. You statement, "buy 
things to HAVE them" makes no sense. Of course they buy something
because they want it. Do you buy products that you do not want? And
yes, I buy things to have them. Why else would I buy them?

>>> Manufacturers do what market required, no matter how dumb it is.
>>> Those who didn't already failed.
>> "The worst solution always prevails" and "People want crap,
>> they get crap" seem to have established as laws of the market.
>Not all people, but most. The problem is that there are less and less
>people that do not want a crap.

Basic law of marketing is to give the public what they want. Any first
year business student knows that. The statement that "The worst
solution always prevails" is totally bogus. Furthermore, your statement,
The problem is that there are less and less people that do not want a
crap." would appear to go counter to what you have been bantering
about. Do you actually "THINK" before you write or are you implying
that most people would like to be constipated?

>Low enough that making products for them isn't a business.
>>> As windows user may get scared hearing the word "unix", [...]

Yes, vary similar to how unix users feel about "plug & play".

>> No no, UNIX doesn't exist, and it's outdated anyway, just like
>> mainframes. :-)
>oh yes i forgot.
>>> i just run lpr to print postscript file, or print directly from
>>> programs through lpr
>> I'm happy to keep on doing so now, too. :-)
>99.999% basic things that user needs is already invented on unix for
>even 20 or more years.
>Now we have more and more "new technologies" that reinvent it most
>more inefficient and overcomplex way.
>Even more - complexity is always marketed as adventage.
>> That's intended by the marked (because users intend so). Buying
>> new printers all day long is normal, so you always have a "top
>> of the line" printer. :-)

Actually, when it costs me $49. to re-ink a cheap printer and only $39.
to buy a new one, is is almost easier to simply swap the old one out, 
then give it away as a donation and take the tax credit. I have actually
done that by the way.

>that will break down within at most 2 years.

Actually, I have an old Canon bubble jet 6000 that still works although
it is on its last legs and probably ten years old.. In any case, with
most simple printers being dirt cheap, why should I care it they last
twenty years or not. Now, buying a $3000 color laser jet is a totally
different matter.

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